To tri or not to tri

You ran your first 5 or 10-km race and now wondering what’s next. With each step you take in training, you feel yourself getting faster and stronger. Ah yes, faster and stronger, the desire of almost every runners to achieve a personal best. Yet, in the pursuit of performance, many enthusiastic runners tend to overlook or ignore totally the law of variety.

Law of Variety

The Law of Variety emphasizes on the value of cross-training, which contributes to minimizing injuries and allow you reap cardiovascular benefits without stressing the predominant muscles used in running. Runners tend to cycle or swim as a form of cross-training to complement their running. Why not put the three together and try a triathlon as a new challenge?

The 3-in-1

A triathlon is a multi-stage event involving three continuous activities of swimming, cycling and running. The Standard Distance triathlon involves 1.5km of open water swimming, 36km of road cycling and ending off with 10km of running. If this sounds too challenging for a newbie, one can opt for the sprint category comprising of a 750-m swim, 18-km bike and 5-km run. Don’t be surprised if some of you become addicted to this new sport and find yourself challenging the Ironman Triathlon one day (3.8-km swim, 180-km bike and 42.2km run).





3 tips for the triathlon newbie

1) If you have not been swimming or cycling, completing a sprint-distance triathlon over the standard-distance one would be a more realistic goal.

2) Swimming in a pool is convenient but remember to have a few sessions in the sea to emulate actual race environment.

3) You don’t need an expensive top of the range bike but never skimp on the helmet. Invest in a good quality piece; it might just save your life one day.

The Singapore International Triathlon

The Singapore International Triathlon is organizing its 16th edition and to mark Singapore’s 50th anniversary, this year’s triathlon will be an even more fun and sport spirit event open to all age categories and sporting levels. The triathlon will take place in the picturesque and shaded East Coast Park on the 25th of July 2015. Participants can choose between 8 multi sport categories: classic standard distance, sprint distance, junior distance, mini distance, youth distance, kids distance and two new categories, the exciting Scoot-athlon distance for children aged below 8 years old, and the explosive Super Sprint Relay.


The Scoot-athlon makes the event enjoyable for the entire family: every age group can register and be part of this unique event. The Super Sprint is a way to challenge yourself and your teammates, as registration is opened to teams of three athletes. Based on the principle of a relay, this category is extremely fast, extremely competitive and above all extremely fun. Unlike the other relays, each of the team members gets a feel for all 3 disciplines.

Take part in this prestigious sportive event, in the greenery of Singapore and develop your passion for sport in the most family friendly part of the city. Challenge yourself beyond your limits with a positive energy! Register now at