Group Training Sessions


Power Up your Running Fitness 

Every Tuesday & Thursday, 8pm

Queenstown Stadium

1 hour 

$5 per session per person

What We Do:
Repetitions of:
1) Running on the track
2) Bodyweight exercises (Upper/Core/Lower) 

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Workshops and Seminars


Workshops and seminars present an excellent opportunity to reach out to a large audience in an interactive manner, equipping participants with sport science-based running knowledge which will inspire & empower participants to embark on their running journey, improve running performance and realise their running dreams & beliefs.

Running Sessions

Running Sessions are a fantastic way of introducing and developing a running culture within organisations, reaping the health benefits gained from running and promoting a healthy workplace environment.  Employees stand to benefit from such practical sessions if they are taking part in an organisation-supported running event.

Running Sessions are awesome if you wish to make new friends and/or strengthen your friendship bonds through a fun running session. 

Running Sessions can be race/event-specifc.  A series of practical sessions will enable participants achieve their goals at their desired race/event.

Running Facilitators will provide guidance and facilitate running-specific training for all levels of runners

Running Fitness Assessment

How fit are you now?  How do you know if you have improved?

An assessment of your current fitness level is very useful as it:

  •  Measures your baseline fitness and shows your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Provides information to ensure you train at the right intensity for your intended running goals
  • Measures your improvement after a specific period of time
  • Signals the need to re-model your training program if there is no improvement after a period of regular training

There are various assessment methods available, conducted either:

  • Outdoor (at the stadium track or on a path with known distance); Or
  • Laboratory (on the treadmill) - VO2 Max, Blood Lactate and Running Economy
Customised Training Program

Every individual has a unique response to different types of training programs.  A well-crafted training program essentially ensures your precious time is spent on quality & effective training towards achieving your dreams, beliefs and goals. 

Together, our Team  will seek to prepare an optimal, individualised training program based on your specific goals/needs, fitness level and availability of time.

Personal Coaching/Strength & Conditioning

Seek to be inspired and motivated during a one to one or a group session with a certified running coach/strength & conditioning coach, putting you through the paces to become an improved runner. 

Power your run by developing muscle endurance and power through specially designed running-specific  exercises.  Stronger muscles delay muscle fatigue and developing the explosive power in your muscles helps propel you forward.

Improve your running by engaging in running-specific drills.  Practicing good running form is essential to run efficiently without unnecessary wastage of energy.

Event Organizing


Establishing a signature running event for your organisation or as an individual, exclusively for your staff, yourself, or open for public participation, promotes running as a form of healthy exercise and creates an atmosphere of excitement and fun. 

With us taking care of the full aspects of event organisation such as publicity, registration & payment, logistics, route & traffic management, safety & medical coverage, food & beverage, you can be rest assured of a high quality event, providing a positive experience for everyone.