13 Aug 2011 - Kallang Riverside Park

8 Dec 2012 - Kallang Riverside Park

5 Jan 2014 - Punggol Park

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22-23 Sep 2012

21-22 Sep 2013

20-21 Sep 2014

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26-27 March 2011 5pm to 9am

11 March 2012 12am to 4pm

30-31 March 2013 7pm to 11am

29-30 March 2014 7pm to 11am

  Website: www.twilightultrachallenge.com



Twilight Ultra Challenge 26-27 March 2011

Fear No Twilight

16 hours of non-stop action



Comments/Feedback from our Facebook

I really enjoyed the race. =) million thanks to the race director, organisers, sponsors and all volunteers showering with care and support. =) You guys are beautiful souls making the race an enjoyable one. Congrats to all participants.
by Khaliq Samat

Thank you very much Ben and the tireless crew. Definitely exceeded expectation! Everything was great from start to finish. Gorgeous medals and finisher tees, among many many others. And the buffet at the finish was super nice! Other organisers will have many things to learn from you.
By Khairul Anuar

Thank you Ben and your team of dedicated helpers and volunteers. You all are simply awesome. This is the best run that I have ever participated. I can say it's tip top from the start till the end (though I left earlier at 7am+). I want to salute the volunteers who cheered and motivated me to continue to run. It's also a great pleasure to meet so many of you the ultra-man & women. Besides that, I really like the finisher medal-the heaviest and biggest medal I ever won!! See you all again in TUC 2012 (if there is any). Cheers!
By Cheang Meng-Wai

Ben & crew - thanks ... very nicely done. You've set a new standard here !
By Azhar Azib

Thank you so much to Ben Swee, Twilight Ultra Challenge's volunteers, paramedics, supporters and participants for an awesome and amazing day, and a memorable experience. Running event back to basics; not much of a competition but just for the pure love of running with like-minded individuals. Great to meet and to be able to run with familiar and new faces. 2-toes-up;-]
By Adam Onearmrunner

Hats off to the young volunteers and support crew were fantastic, staying upbeat the entire night. Some were seen trying to study at the same time! Overall event was surprisingly enjoyable; the 10km loop meant being able to meet other fellow runners / walkers all night long. Atmosphere was relaxed and casual. To the organizers - great work! *like*
By Chee Hon