To Tri or not to Tri

With gulps of salty water down your throat, you pull & struggle against the waves while evading the hordes of jelly fish. Barely 2 mins out of that freezing sea with helmet on and clips ready, out you go on your silver horse at 40km/h with the wind cutting against your flesh. The only rhythm in your head goes "up down up down up down". Into those racers and off you are for that last 10km foot-race.

Runners run, cyclists bike, swimmers swim but triathletes have all the fun. Ever wonder what a triathlon is all about? Click HERE to read all about it. 


Endeavours to
Empower Runners & Potential Runners with
Sport Science-based Running Knowledge & Training
Instilling a Running Culture
Filled with Aspirations & Achievements

News and Upcoming Events


5 - 6 Sep 2015

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31 Oct 2015

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20 December 2015  

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19 - 20 March 2016 (Tentative)

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